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Worship is how we respond to God. It's how we live our lives and treat others. It's the lens we look through when we evaluate our lives or consider creation. Worship is involved in everything we do. Whether you're a plumber, a mom or dad, an accountant, a volunteer at the food bank, a sales representative, an engineer, a janitor or a C.E.O., worship is how and why you do that.

   Since early on in the history of the church, music and the arts have been a major part of how believers worship God. Our music style at Rocky Mountain Ministries is not so much targeted to any group but instead is just an effort to be free to be us. Each musician has a wide range of influences and preferences. We try it all. Sometimes it works and sometimes we try something else. We want our musicians to be free to worship when they play and not consumed with fear that someone might be offended. As a result our music is big, inspiring, passionate and encouraging. It Rocks!

   Our music is louder than most churches for several reasons. We want the very atmosphere to be full of praise. We want to be surrounded by the worship and His presence. We turn it up loud so that you can sing out without being afraid of the person in front of you finding out that you don't sing all that well. Besides, every body knows that rock music is supposed to be played loud. If loud isn't your thing, the Sunday 9:00 AM service is designed for those who like it energetic but not so loud.


Want to try out?

   From keyboards to bass, guitars to drums, lighting, projection, staging, song selection and sound production; we do it all to honor God with our gifts and to bring glory to God and to connect people to Him. The band is an open door and the welcome mat is out. If you're interested in using your gifts to worship and inspire worship in others or maybe just to play with a good band then you should drop in on a practice or contact Pastor Buddy  by clicking the "Get Here" button below.

Rehearsal times:


6:30 PM- 8:00 PM for the Sunday services


5:30 PM - 7:00 PM for the Saturday 7:00 PM service


Check out some video from our services and from the

Rockin' Christmas Celebration

by clicking the "Watch" button


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